This Pissed Off Baboon Hates The Zoo So Decided To Throw His Shit In Some Little Girl’s Face

Girl Shit In Face

‘I hate this place.’

Zoos kinda bum me out sometimes because it sucks seeing animals being held in captivity when they should be roaming wild. It’s not very often that you actually see one of them doing something about it though.

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Here we’re seeing an absolutely badass baboon telling some family that are throwing food at them exactly what he thinks of them. Instead of just meekly grabbing the food or screaming at them, he lets them know he is 100% not happy with their offering by throwing his own shit right into their faces, scoring a direct hit on one little girl who then goes on to exclaim that she hates this place and wants to go home.

Yep, baboon probably couldn’t have nailed that any harder if he had 1000 shots. Sure, it probably isn’t going to help him get out of the zoo anytime soon but it must have felt pretty damn good to throw shit in the annoying humans that torment him every day’s faces, right? Fair play.

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