Watch All Of Conor McGregor’s Insults To Jose Aldo

Let’s see if he backs it up.

Conor McGregor has absolutely hammered Jose Aldo already, and they haven’t even got into the octagon yet.

They were due to fight back at UFC 189, but a rib injury ruled Aldo out of the bout. To say that the fight was hyped up would be a gross understatement. McGregor isn’t the most sympathetic of opponent, and hasn’t let up with his trash talking.  They’re finally fighting at UFC 194 on December 12th, and the reigning champ can certainly sell a fight.

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When you run your mouth like that, you have to be able to back it, and so far so good for Conor’s UFC career. Personally I think he’ll beat Aldo in December, so it’ll all be worth it. Can’t help but think how embarrassing it could be for him if he lost. There’s still a few weeks left until fight night, and I very much doubt he’ll keep silent, so there’ll be more classics on the way.

It’s a decent watch, and so is this video documentary showing McGregor’s rise to the top.


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