Watch A 15 Foot Python Regurgitate A Giant Rooster

Snake Regurgitates Rooster


It’s always fascinated me how snakes manage to eat other animals because they don’t have any teeth so literally just have to swallow it whole and then I guess it somehow gets digested when it reaches its stomach?

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Anyway, the point being that you can get some really freaky videos/photographs of snakes with a whole different animal inside them like the one you’re going to have the pleasure of watching below. It comes from over in Thani, Thailand and features a giant 15 foot python regurgitating a massive rooster.

It really is something else:

Wow. I don’t even know what to say about that other than that it’s one of the most messed up things I’ve ever seen in my life. Can’t actually believe that that massive rooster full on fitted inside that snake’s belly. Madness.

Here’s what Nut Wattana, who made the video had to say about it all:

I didn’t hear the sound of the two cocks in the morning, so I went to look for them.

I can’t save the birds now. They were two of my favourites. Thankfully I have a lot more roosters and chickens.

I forgive the snake because it was just it’s natural instinct.

I’m sure the snake will be pleased to hear that news. Nut drove the snake out to the jungle and released it after he had prised open it’s jaws to release the body of the cockerel. Not sure why he decided to do that, but the snake would have been digesting it for two weeks so maybe it was so they could pick it up and move it? If anyone knows hit me up.

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