Wasps VS Flamethrower


If you’re planning on taking on a wasp’s nest, take some advice from these guys.


I fvcking hate wasps. Seriously. Wasps are the most pointless fuckers ever. What do they do? They buzz around during the few weeks of sun that we have each year trying to get into our beloved beer. They also sting us, and unlike a bee which dies when it stings us, these pricks stay alive and carry on stinging us just for the sake of it. Fvcking wankers.

So what would you do if you came across a wasp’s nest? I tell you what I’d do, I’d get the fvck away from it as quickly as possibly. I definitely wouldn’t go and poke it or kick it around like a football like some retards do before they’re set upon by a swarm of angry bastard wasps. Remember My Girl? Yeah, don’t fvck around with wasps (or maybe that was a bee, either way, don’t fvck around with anything that can fly and has a huge syringe full of poison sticking out it’s ass).

Now these absolute ballers from a small town called Jiangjin Tsz Wan Yuen Tsuen (???) seem to have the right idea. They see a wasp’s nest up in a tree in the local village and decide to make a statement to all the other wasps who are fvcking up their summer. They pull out their flamethrower and torch the bastards into the wasp afterlife. YIPPEEKAYAY MOTHERFUCKER!


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