PHOTOS: The Wars Within Your Body

Ever wonder about all the weird shit that goes on in your body every day that you have absolutely no idea about?

I don’t really ever think about this, but every single day – and probably every single second – there are a bunch of internal activities going on in your body just to ensure that you’re living and breathing and (hopefully) being a complete sickhead. This normally occurs when your immune system and everything that makes that up fends off attacks from unwanted crap like HIV and cancer, or maybe just a common cold.

These pictures are taken from an old National Geographic magazine from 1986. I’m not sure how they even had the technology to take pictures like this back in the day, but they’re pretty incredible and really offer an insight into how weird your body is and all the shit that goes on in it all day every day and just how complicated and crazy everything is going on with it.

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Macrophage Engulfing Droplets Of Oil

The Wars within.

A macrophage is a human defence cell and I’m guessing it defends the body by incorporating anything bad inside itself. I’m not sure why droplets of oil would be in you body but hey, as long as we’ve got all those macrophages then I guess it isn’t a problem for us.

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