Wargasm Singer’s Head ‘Held Down Backstage Toilet By Bouncers’

Was the music that bad?

The frontman of nu-metal band Wargasm says he was attacked by three bouncers who pushed his head down a backstage toilet after a gig at Scala in King’s Cross, London last Friday night.

Sam Matlock shared a photo showing large red marks across his back and arms alongside a summary of the incident. Apparently the band were packing up their kit when security guards were “verbally aggressive” to their female tour manager, which led to Matlock “having to step in”.

Over aggressive security staff in London? Surely not! I will admit though a part of me is a tad disappointed that a metalhead with a ‘Lucifer’ tattoo didn’t respond to having his head flushed down the toilet by raising absolute carnage and annihilating every bouncer in the vicinity, but then I guess it is 2021 and this is nu-metal we’re talking about, so we can hardly expect the fiery vengeance of the metalheads of yesteryear can we?

Wargasm no longer considers Scala a safe venue, “especially for women”, and has called for the security team to be sacked, which is fair enough really. Can’t be letting bouncers get away with this sort of behaviour in 2021, can we? Maybe in the 80s and 90s, but not today. In fact we must be dealing with some real boneheads if they didn’t realise that this sort of thing ends up on social media 10/10 times in the modern era.

Let’s hope justice is served and that Sam and the gang are back to rocking out in safer venues in no time. Hit it:


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