Wannabe Tough Guy Starts On Crew Of Mates; Receives Reality Check Of A Lifetime (VIDEO)

You can’t say he didn’t have this one coming.

The story here goes that up and coming rapper Rob $tone and his 1207 crew were accosted by this other dude and his friends, for apparently no reason other than being a bunch of haters.

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It’s pretty clear that Rob would rather not fight (he says as much into the camera), but the other dude just won’t stop running his mouth and trying to act like a tough guy.

In the end, he receives the wake up call of the century.

Beautiful. Just beautiful! Where did that fist even come from? OK I’d rather he didn’t get kicked in the head while he was already KO’d on the floor but still, such a glorious moment watching him hit the deck after running his mouth for so long. Also, no one got shot! Always a bonus in the current climate.

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