Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver

Ever imagine what a Walt Disney/Taxi Driver mashup would look like? No, me neither but guess what? Somebody did!

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Taxi Driver had been released as a Walt Disney film, with a bunch of Disney cartoon characters in it? No, me neither, but I guess that’s what makes this mash up of Walt Disney and Taxi Driver from film maker Bryan  so good, albeit kind of stupid. Basically imagine if Robert De Niro was obsessed with Mickey Mouse during Taxi Driver, instead of Vietnam or just being intensely paranoid or whatever the hell was wrong with him in that movie. Sorry I don’t know more about it but I’ve only seen it once and I was stoned and I didn’t think it was that good considering how seminal everyone seems to consider it. I would have probably watched this Disney version to be honest, I mean for a start it’s about 90 minutes shorter.

There isn’t really much to say else to say about Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver without spoiling it so you might as well just check it out, but it’s probably funniest at the beginning when Travis Bickle  takes her to the cinema and they’re showing Walt Disney films and she gets all offended and leaves. The last scene is kind of cute too and kind of remins me of that old movie Brazil (which Robert De Niro is also in) but you probably haven’t seen that unless you’re a geek like me, and the only reason I really remember it is because it was on TV a few weeks ago and I watched the end again.

Anyway, enjoy Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver below:


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