Walkers Have Launched A Savoury Easter Egg For Crisp Lovers


Has anyone ever mentioned to you how they love Easter celebrations but they hate the fact that Easter eggs are made of chocolate and not out of crisps?

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No, it’s never happened to me either but Walkers have apparently identified this gap in the market as they’re now offering a savoury Easter egg featuring a massive packet of crisps and a few other goodies. Available for £19.99 on Amazon, here’s what the product description tells us:

Each gift box is ideal to share between 2-4 people. It includes Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps (150g), a 75cl bottle of perfectly paired organic Malbec, two stemless wine glasses and a sustainable bamboo sharing bowl. It’s the ideal set up for a perfect Easter night in with friends or your partner.

To complete your Easter night in with your favourite film or TV show you will also receive a £5 Amazon Prime Video voucher Promotional Reward, which will be added to your account once the item is shipped.

I mean is that the perfect night in with friends? Kinda sounds like you probably need two more wine glasses and a bigger packet of crisps, but I can get that it might be pretty fun for you and your partner.

Just can’t really get behind how it’s got absolutely nothing to do with Easter whatsoever in the traditional sense and could just be a gift box for any occasion. Not really sure why they couldn’t have just marketed like that instead of lumping it in with Easter? Kinda cheap.

Oh wait, here’s Ali Kirk from Walkers Sensations explaining the mentality behind it:

We know there’s a growing trend for savoury over sweet at Easter because 37 percent of the public think savoury snacks are available in more exciting flavours and one in five say they think chocolate Easter eggs are for kids.

So, there’s never been a better time for our savoury Easter treat to go on sale.

Yeah, still not buying it. Expect to see you Walkers Bank Holiday Gift Box and Walkers VE Gift Box popping up on Amazon soon. Call me cynical, whatever.

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