You’ve Got To Feel Bad For This Vulture That Got Its Head Stuck Up A Dead Pig’s Butt

Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

Nature can be so beautiful sometimes, but as we’ve seen too many times before it can also be completely brutal and unforgiving.

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Surely it doesn’t get more horrifying than what this vulture just went through though — getting its head stuck up a dead pig’s butt and having the worst time ever trying to escape:

Yup, don’t think you’ll be catching that clip on David Attenborough. But that’s the reality of nature you see — animals get their heads stuck up the arses of other animals. That’s just the way it goes. And apparently you’ve just got to leave that vulture there to figure it out on his own while you film the struggle instead of helping out.

P.S. This guy reckons the vulture died because the pig clenched its arse? Newsflash mate — the pig’s dead. It’s not clenching anything. Learn about nature for us one time.

P.P.S. Is this anywhere near as sick as the time that hyena was eating an elephant’s butt, and then the elephant’s butt literally exploded in the hyena’s face? Not a chance.


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