Vince McMahon’s Brutal Workout Regime Is Absolutely Insane For A 70 Year Old

The craziest billionaire on the planet.

Everyone knows that Vince McMahon is a bit of a maniac. He grew up in poverty, was abused by his mum, and ended up a ridiculously hench billionaire who owns the WWF/WWE.

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Even at 70 years old, he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Muscle & Fitness recently did a story on him following his workout regime alongside some photos of his stupidly wedge back.

I mean the guy’s back looks like it belongs to a dinosaur or something:


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Mike Monteforte, his trainer, says:

On the bent-over row he can do 315 for 10 reps. He has unbelievable strength in his back.

After working out any one body part, Vince does a Cross Fit-inspired workout consisting of battling rope slams, sled drags, sledgehammer swings and sprints. After that he does a circuit of ab exercises. The whole session takes 90 minutes.

Here he is flexing his 70-year-old muscles on Raw this week:


Is he on steroids? Probably. Still have to admire the effort he puts in and the fact he still gives a fuck at 70 years old.

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