A Village Mascot Goose Has Been Killed In A Drive By Shooting



It’s being widely reported that a goose that acted as the village mascot for the village of Sandon in Cambridgeshire has been shot dead in a drive by shooting perpetrated in broad daylight, which is as completely and utterly ridiculous as it sounds. Apparently it’s true though?

The goose has been buried by his favourite pond and flowers have been left in the phone box that he used to love standing in. There aren’t any other details about why or how the shooting happened, but the residents of the village are understandably heartbroken, with Gay Ayton – who has lived there for 20 years – offering the following condemnation:

It’s really shocking. A lot of the villagers are feeling very sad — even though he was cursed as sometimes you couldn’t post a letter without a stick.

It’s spineless and so irritating. We’ve always had a goose. He is very protective of the ducklings.

The villagers are very sad as well as angry and sickened. The schoolchildren were upset when told by the headmistress.

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Her views were echoed by another resident of 30 years Penny Wallbridge:

People are very upset as everybody knew him.

He was part of the community. There’s a feeling of sadness

There has also been a village goose in Sandon, and now there isn’t one.

Bizarrely, the police have chosen not to investigate the incident for some reason. I can maybe understand how a goose getting killed isn’t exactly high on their list of priorities – although what kind of crime actually DOES make this list in a sleepy village like Sandon? – but surely the fact that some of their citizens have guns and are using them should be a big deal that warrants checking out?

A completely bizarre story on all accounts – I mean why the hell would anyone want to gun down a poor goose in broad daylight? Really, really weird, but I guess that’s what happens in really weird small villages, and then the cops don’t even bat an eyelid. Standard.

Almost as weird as when this guy got arrested for having sex with a garden gnome in broad daylight.



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