VIDEOS: Small Cat In Tube/ Fat Cat In Bath – Abuse?

Very Angry Cat

Here’s a couple of kitty videos for you. They both made me do a literal LOL, but in a way I think they might portray animal abuse? What’s your views?

Very Angry Cat

Welcome, take a seat. Strip off those cold, damp clothes and crawl in to your onesie, crack a bevvy, light a Jamaican old holborn and relax. If you have a poof, put your feet gently upon it, if you don’t then lift them slowly on to your chaisie longue. Now you are ready to receive a gentle double dose of cat vidz. I know you guys and gals are well up for the kitties, so I thought I’d share some visual joy with you all.

#1 Tube Obsessed Cat

I think this video might be animal abuse. It’s tricky to tell. In short, these guys have a plastic tube thing, and a kitten kind of gets lodged up in there. Once the kitten is in the tube it looks hilarious, of course, and it doesn’t appear to struggle as if it were distressed. But, the tube is so narrow, I doubt whether it could move it’s paws even if it wanted to. It also runs in to the tube multiple times, but kittens are so fvcking stupid that it may have sprinted back in to the tube even if it hated it the first time it was in there, only because it’s so monstrously dim. Make your own mind up. Another thing that I noticed with my eagle eyed, 80/80 vision is that there’s quite a lot of smoke and giggling in that room…. just sayin’

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsO-NHhGkxQ’]
2# Fat Cat Trying To Escape From Bath

Cat’s don’t like water. There’s the rub. They would rather lick a dogs balls than get in all that lovely warm water, I’m quite the opposite. I know there are plenty of “cat bath” videos around, so what’s special about this one?: The moggy concerned is achingly desperate to get out of the bath as ever, but he’s way too fat to execute the exiting maneuver. The action in the video is all over at the 18 second mark, which is also where the animal abuse kicks in. Initially the cat bounces and bounds with gusto, but his puny legs won’t push his massive carcass over the edge on to dry land. That’s all fun and japes for us viewers, but, due to his rotundity, he runs out of puff at the 20 second mark and just stands there frustrated, telepathically screaming “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? I AM SO VERY COLD AND WET? WILL YOU NOT LEND A HAND YOU FURLESS, THUMB WIELDING BASTARDS?”

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7_0wBaOBPc’]
Sweet dreams you cat freaks.


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