VIDEO: Walmart Employees Smash Up iPads In Stock Room


Some chumps thought it would be a cool idea to film themselves smashing up iPads in the Walmart stock room.


There are a few ways to accomplish viral status on YouTube. One is to get your tits out, that always seems to work. Girls who love getting their tits out on YouTube always get shit loads of hits, I mean it’s hard not to click on that link when there’s a big pair of busty tits on the photo. If you don’t have tits then just do something really funny and throw in a cat for good measure, YouTube loves cats. But if you want to go viral and don’t care about a negative reaction, then just be a total dick head like the fat chumps in this video.

These guys work at Wamart, which is like those massive 24 hour Asdas you get in England but way bigger and they sell way more shit. Kinda like Costco but I presume you don’t need a membership for Walmart so anyone can just roll in and browse the shelves when they feel like it. Like Costco, Walmart sells everything from tampons to iMacs, and employes your average Joe for minimum wage. Now the dudes in this video thought it would be a hot idea to film themselves in the stockroom of Walmart throwing around iPads to each other, some of which ‘accidentally’ land on the floor and become damaged. The dudes think this is funny and how everyone should LOL with them at all the poor people who end up buying a smashed iPad.

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Well you know what? Fvck you boys. If I ever bought an iPad and it was smashed to shit I’d be totally bummed out. Knowing my luck I’d probably buy it right before the store closed for Xmas meaning I couldn’t get it replaced for ages and was stuck with a smashed iPad while bored out of my mind over Xmas. Fvcking cunts. Check these pricks out:

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