Video Shows The True Meaning Behind Kendall Jenner’s Tone-Deaf Pepsi Ad


This week Pepsi’s new ad campaign has been making the headlines – but not for the reasons they had hoped.

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In a bid to cash in on the uprising against actual murders of black people by American law enforcement, and the resulting protests that have ensued, Pepsi actually thought it would be a good idea to use notoriously vacant supermodel Kendall Jenner to act as if she could solve all of these very serious problems by handing a can of fizzy death drink to a police officer. It was insulting, tacky and completely tone-deaf.

The video below emerged online this week via JWZ, which manages to explain everything that is wrong with this advert by revealing what its true meaning is:

I’d say they nailed that and all in 11 seconds flat. Nice work.

Poor old Kendall Jenner – she really needs to start thinking before booking jobs. It was only a few months ago that she managed to piss off the entire ballet community by demeaning their art form with this one minute promo video.


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