Here’s A Video Of A T-Rex Absolutely Dominating American Ninja Warrior

T Rex Ninja Warrior

Extinction isn’t a problem for this dude.

I don’t think too many people have ever wondered how well a dinosaur would fare on Ninja Warrior, but for some reason a guy in Atlanta decided to put this idea to the test the other night and appeared at the start of the track in a Tyrannosaurus costume, ready to compete.

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How do you think this is going to work out? You’ll be surprised.

Wow. I mean I know he didn’t end up completing the course, but still to get even that far in a costume with those spindly little arms is a major achievement. Fair play to the guy – I reckon he probably got further than I would have in that stupid costume. OK, OK, further than I would have even if I wasn’t wearing the costume and was in the shape of my life.

For a classic American Ninja Warrior moment, check out when this guy actually managed to complete the final stage last year.


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