Insane Video Shows What It Would Be Like If You Woke Up In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Not so fun in real life.

Many of us play games like GTA because we secretly fantasise about stealing cars and robbing banks, killing people and getting involved in high speed chases. But we all know that if anything like that even came close to happening to us in real life then we would run a mile.

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So for that reason, maybe any potential version of GTA in virtual reality isn’t such a good idea. This concept is illustrated in the following short film from Corridor, which sees a guy finally pick up his virtual reality version of GTA, only to get absolutely shit scared by it as he’s shown the ropes by none other than Trevor Phillips himself from GTA V. Take a look:

Wow, bit of a headfuck there at the end isn’t it? That guy is a bit of a pussy about it all, but I think we’ve got a long way to go until any version of GTA is even half as realistic as the one featured in that movie. I’m sure any VR version that comes out any time soon will just be super fun to play and not anything like that. At least I hope.

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