Video Shows A Guy Kill Himself With His Own Shotgun After Bullet Ricochets Off Car


Everyone knows it’s dangerous to threaten people with a gun if you don’t know what you’re doing because you could literally shoot yourself in the face or something, but the guy in the video below is a whole new generation of stupid.

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The video is taken from Sydenham in South London at Sunday just before 4pm. It features a guy in a ski mask and an accomplice coming to attacks three other guys sat in a car, but when they run away after seeing him the guy just decides to spray the back of the car with a shot instead.

The car must have been bulletproof or something though because the bullet ricochetted back off it and struck him, killing him straight up. Savage.

Obviously we’re not gonna embed the video here but it’s not that hard to find if you know where to look. Here’s what a shopkeeper on the high street said about the incident though:

A group of guys were sitting in a car by the bank and a big guy came up to them with a shotgun.

They all got out of the car and ran so the guy decided to damage the car with the back of the gun.

As he was hitting the windows the gun went off and he shot himself – that’s what we’ve been told.

Who knows? Just another day and another murder in London. Stay vigilant.

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