This Shocking Video Shows A Gang Brutally Beating Up A Girl For ‘Sleeping With Her Stepdad’



A police investigation has been launched into the video below, which shows a gang of girls savagely beating up a young girl due to a rumour about her sleeping with her stepdad.

The poor girl gets brutally kicked and punched, while the gang call her insulting names. The video, which was filmed in Russia, has since been doing the rounds. And now the local police are tying to seek out the girls who were responsible for this vile act.

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As said, reports are saying that the gang were accusing this girl of hooking up with her stepdad, although it’s said that this is untrue and they were just using this as an excuse.

Either way, this is completely grim and no one should be beaten like that. I hope that the police track these guys down and give them the punishment they deserve. What a bunch of absolute cunts.

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