Shocking Clip Of Rookie Police Officer Accidentally Killing Woman While Shooting At Her Dog

cop kills woman


Before we get into this, be warned: the video below contains footage that some viewers may find upsetting.

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It shows the moment a rookie police officer shoots a woman after trying to aim fire at her dog.

Reports claim the cop repeatedly fired at the Labrador mix as it was running towards him in Texas, but sadly a bullet hit Margarita Victoria Brooks, 30, in the upper torso. The dog survived the attack and is now quarantined.

Brooks was later taken to hospital for treatment, but tragically died from the gunshot wound. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled the cause of death as ‘homicide’.

Speaking about the case, Police Chief Will Johnson said:

Everything about this call is an absolute tragedy.

Our hearts are broken for the Brooks family and for the officer involved.

Our officer was on scene trying to find an individual who may be suffering from a medical emergency.

Clearly, this is not the outcome the officer wanted, nor is it the outcome that the department wanted.

Locals have revealed Brooks was a homeless woman in the area, describing her as ‘good-hearted’ and that she would always ensure her dog was fed before her.

Margarita Victoria Brooks

The 25-year-old police officer, who has not been named due to legal reasons, had only just graduated in February of this year. It is reported that he has been placed on administrative leave.

It’s a modern-day tragedy, one that proves guns solve nothing. RIP to Brooks and thoughts go out to her family.


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