VIDEO: Old School Vs New School – Video Game Characters

old school ve new school computer games

All your favourite current video games stars take on Atari’s originals in an Avengers inspired brawl for it all.

When I first saw this headline I clicked on it expecting to see some kind of lame(ish) video pitting old computer games against new computer games in some kind of nicely edited video that was probably kind of funny but would probably end up looking kind of crappy due to the difference in graphics between the two combatants. I definitely didn’t expect to see a live action version of new video games vs old school video games in some city.

It pretty much borrow the plot of the Avengers movie in that some weridass monsters/old school video game cahracters/whatever are invading the city through a portal and Master Chief from Halo (AKA Nick Fury) decides who has to get all the new school video game characters to team up to stop it. A definition of old school and new school might have been useful at this point too – I was also expecting it to be characters from the past couple of years like uh someone from Call of Duty (I don’t really play video games anymore) or Assassins Creed Vs people like Sonic The Hedgehog and Probotector and Simon Belmont from Castlevania, but in actual fact it’s ALL second generation video games characters vs the real old school video games.

So you get people like Lara Croft and some guy who I thought was Turok Dinosaur Hunter but is actually some dude from Uncharted going up against Asteroids and Pong and some other old shit I don’t know the name of in a surprisingly high budget and cool video. Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil also shows up towards the end but is it too late? You’ll have to check out the video to see who comes out on top in the battle of old school vs new school:

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