This Video Proves Why You Should Never Cut The Head Off A Snake

Snake head

That’s a nope from me.

Most of you reading this have either grown up or spent a lot of your life in the UK, which means that you’ve never really had to encounter horrific wildlife on a regular basis. You know, giant spiders, killer snakes, bears etc. We’ve got it pretty easy with our hedgehogs and seagulls.

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However, I reckon if most of us did have to deal with such creatures, we’d probably do exactly what the person in this video did and try to decapitate the f**kers. It’s the only way to ensure complete annihilation, right? WRONG. Turns out that some animals – in this case snakes – carry on writhing around in vicious anger even after their heads have been cut off. Here’s what uploader Jill-Scott Mollett had to say on it:

So the girls found a cottonmouth water moccasin today, in our flower bed of all places. We didn’t have a knife close to us, so Avery chopped its head off with some tree loppers. The girls’ favourite part was when the head kept trying to bite stuff for a few minutes after it was chopped off its body. #CountryLivingAtItsFinest.

That’s a definite NOPE from me.

I guess the only way to deal with a venomous snake is to call the RSPCA whilst running like a baby. Fine by me.

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