VIDEO: Murdy The Dawg Is Better At Skateboarding Than Most People

Murdy the Dawg

Fur real.

When I heard about Murdy the Dawg I assumed it would be like one of those surfing dogs who is balanced on a board and then pushed along by its overenthusiastic owner.

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But this little guy is his own animal and he takes that shit to the next level. Not only does he pull some gnarly tricks, but I would actually go as far to say that he is better than some people. No joke, he manages a couple of grinds and even a rock-to-fakie. Yeah, they might sound like the basics of skateboarding, but this is a dog remember.

Thanks to his mad skills, and the fact that he is coached by owner/homie Baker and Shake Junt filmer, Beagle, this little furry fiend has become a bit of a superstar in the skate world. Plus he’s just so damn cute. Check it out:

What an absolute G – he’s even got the homie fist pump down. You can tell by the wagging tail that he’s absolutely loving it as well.

Seriously though, fuck teaching a dog to sit and roll over or whatever. Let’s get more pets onto skateboarding. It would make things for them and us a hell of a lot more interesting. Crufts, take note.

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