Mexican Girl Facing Death Threats After This Video Of Her Abusing Her Dog Went Viral

Girl Slamming Dog Against Wall

What is this girl actually doing?

Nobody likes to see animals abused and harmed by their owners, and the video below is a classic example of how this can be utterly disturbing and some people don’t even know that what they’re doing is messing up their pets.

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In the video below a Mexican girl named Esmeralda Gongora, from Mexico City, films herself blowing a kiss to the camera and then telling viewers that she’s going to play with her puppy. She then proceeds to throw her puppy against the wall and onto her bed multiple times, and it doesn’t look like the dog is having a good time at all or the girl even realises that it’s completely messing him up either:

Kinda uncomfortable to watch someone so ignorant that her behaviour is adversely affecting someone continuing with it regardless whilst laughing and smiling. Whilst I agree that it’s awful and needs to stop, there seems to have been a huge reaction to it over in Mexico with the girl’s name and address being posted on the internet for everyone to see.

Apparently since then local authorities have been petitioned by the internet and sent in a rescue operation to remove the puppy from the situation. Slightly extreme perhaps – maybe they could have just told the girl that what she was doing was messing the dog up and not cool and she might have just stopped?

Either way the dog is safe now so that’s cool, I just worry about what might happen to it in the future now that it’s under government protection as those animals don’t always have the happiest of endings. For a happier story about a dog, check out this dog swimming pool party AKA the best pool party ever.


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