There’s Now A Video Game That Lets You Help Leonardo DiCaprio Get An Oscar

Red Carpet Rampage

Maybe this year.

Having been nominated five times for an Oscar but never picking up a win, it’s become a running gag that Leonardo DiCaprio is desperate for one and might never receive one.

But don’t worry if you’re a big Leo fan – you can now help him win his beloved Oscar thanks to a new 8 bit video game called Red Carpet Rampage. In it, you take the role of Leo as he’s running down the red carped at the Oscars ceremony after his Oscar.

In order to grab it, you have to jump over members of the paparazzi, defeat other celebrities like Eddie Redmayne and Lady Gaga and take part in bonus games such as the imaginatively titled ‘Qualuude Overdose’ and ‘Act Harder’. It’s a great little way to kill half an hour of your day as it’s seriously simple but seriously addictive, like all great games are.

Here’s a clip of the gameplay, which also tells you how to play the game:

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Seriously addictive and seriously fun, with a jokes edge to it as well. Go check it out now, especially if you’re bored at work.

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