Obscenely Graphic Video Shows Drunk Girl Having Her Leg Broken On Purpose

Woman leg broken on purpose


This video is the most extreme example of a ‘Meanwhile In Russia’ incident. There’s not too much information floating around on it other than it was taken in Russia and it involves a girl asking her drunk friend to break her leg.

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I’m not too sure how that conversation would come about. I’m not denying that when you’re getting messy with your friends, fucked up shit will go down. But I just don’t understand where the yearning for excruciating, potentially life-changing injuries comes into it. You can watch the video, but just be warned – it’s pretty graphic:

Ouch. He proper did a number on her there – it looks as if the entire leg snapped in the other direction.

As said, there is no news on why this woman requested to have one of her limbs snapped in half, but if I had to guess, I would assume that it has something to do with work or an injury claim. Police are currently investigating so hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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