VIDEO: Desperate Fat Boy Is Looking For Internet Girlfriend

Desperate Fat Boy Seeks Internet Girlfriend

What do you do when you need to get a girlfriend? Do you post a video of yourself explaining what you’re looking for in a girlfriend on the internet?

Desperate Fat Boy Seeks Internet Girlfriend

I think this guy might be a troll because it’s just too perfect for it not to be and seems to hit on everything that is popular on the internet now. But then, weirder things have happened on the internet. Basically this is just a fat kid (who appears to be naked in the video) who is looking for an internet girlfriend talking into the camera about what he’s looking for in a girl: must be into vampires, must be into cats, must be able to make him food and stuff, and must have a hot body.  You get the idea. No Asians – he doesn’t find ‘it’ attractive.

He then goes on to describe how hot he is and how he has perfect teeth and Justin Bieber like hair and how whenever he goes to the beach he gets complimented on his body. Ok, sure. The funniest part of the video though is definitely at the start where he talks about why he needs a new girlfriend – it turns out his last internet girlfriend (who he had sent noodz to) was actually a male hermaphrodite. Go figure.

I mean, this could be true because there are defiinitely people as tragic as this guy who do stuff like this on the internet and he does seem really weird, sad and pathetic but the way he ticks all the buzz words of current internet culture is slightly suspicious and alerts me to the fact it might not be 100% true. Also the fact that the video is entitled ‘Desperate Boy Looking For A Girlfriend’ reeks of someone trying to attract people to his page in search of lolz (and probably some sweet advertising revenue), although I guess it’s also plausible if this guy is real he might also create such a tragic headline as well. Actually, just did some digging and found out that it was posted on some channel that specialises in weird shit on youtube so the fact that he used this title isn’t indicative of anything.

Is this guy for real or a troll, what are you saying? Check  it out below and let us know:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMEKkPPkCWw’]


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