VIDEO: Danny Dyer Plays Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

What’s my Gamer Tag? Shat up you mug!

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that our favourite tumble dryer – Mr Danny Dyer – has made his etchings on British culture, albeit for not all the right reasons.  What is it that makes Danny Dyer so applicable to being a celebrity? Is it maybe his groundbreaking movies? Definitely not — Danny Dyer plays Danny Dyer in every movie, so any form of method acting on Mr Dyer’s part is to simply smoke a fat spliff whilst calling someone a cunt.

And this is where we are introduced to Danny’s real talent, the old cockney rhyming slang that seems somehow over rehearsed but fvcking hilarious none the less.  Add to this the shitting of Danny Dyer’s trousers when hanging out with gangsters and gypsies and you have the reasons why we cannot help but accept Danny Dyer onto our TV sets on a regular basis.

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YouTube also loves Danny Dyer, and popular YouTube channel “Soprano Pictures” has decided to pilot an episode of a spoof commentary as Danny Dyer plays Modern Warfare 3, the trouble starting when he comes into the firing line of a real life cockney.

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