Check Out This Video Of A Chimpanzee Scrolling Through Instagram

Chimp Insta

Planet Of The Apes is happening.

Everyone knows that chimpanzees and simians are vaguely related to humans (at least according to evolution and the Planet Of The Apes movies), but when you see the video below then it’s really going to kick home just how smart and similar to us they are.

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The video comes from a dude called Mike Helton who is clearly a massive fan of animals as he goes by the handle ‘therealtarzan’. In the video, you see a chimpanzee messing around with a smartphone on Instagram and probably working it better than most humans, scrolling through pictures and videos of other chimpanzees. It really is something:

Whoa. When Caesar rose up in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes to take on the humans I thought that there was no way an ape could ever be that smart, but looking at this has really blown my mind. Hopefully they don’t decide that they hate humans and manage to mobilise against us because I feel like we would really be in trouble if they did. For real.

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