VIDEO: Can You Identify These Breasts?

Big Breasts

A woman in Queensland, Australia shows off her lack of robbery skills by getting her tits out and hoping for the best.

A woman with rather large breasts is wanted for robbery in Queensland.The blonde, aka ‘the buxom bandit’ obviously thought that flaunting her assets would distract from her clear lack of skills in the art of theft, including her failure to cover her face. The CCTV footage shows that masking the top of her hair with a hat was as useless as wearing an anti-fingertip glove on the wrong hand – this criminal mastermind did both. 

At first glance her revealing top probably would have worked as a distraction method if it weren’t for the fact that she was clasping a kitchen knife that would have destroyed any boner that the cashier might have experienced. Not to mention the fact that her flawed attempt at burglary was all caught on security camera. Clearly she has way bigger tits than brains. 

We should give her some credit though, she obviously took styling tips from heist movies and kitted herself out head to toe in black, a suitable camouflage for a basically all white shop. Even though the robber escaped with a small amount of cash, the cashier managed to show her who is boss by chucking what looks like a packet of crisps at her, yeah… that’ll teach her. Identification of the suspect should be easy, with the police willing to do closer inspections of suspicious breasts in the name of justice.  Also, the CCTV footage makes great wanking material for anyone who has a fetish for the whole robbery scenario.

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