Victoria’s Secret Is Getting Completely Rinsed For The Way They Photoshopped This Model’s Butt Cheeks

What were they thinking?

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret like to get Photoshop-happy with their models, but they seem to have overdone it just a bit with this image they shared to Facebook the other day.

The slightly NSFW photo shows a model with her back to the camera wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret “cheeky” underwear… with a really, really obvious and dodgy Photoshop job on the girl’s thigh and butt.


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Seems some people are pissed purely because it’s a bad editing job, others because they don’t appreciate the use of Photoshop at all when it comes to modelling photos. I don’t think Photoshopping models is a big deal so long as we all know it’s happening, but it’s definitely worth pointing out this time because that is one horrific Photoshop job. Her left butt cheek is basically gone. Nobody wants to see just one butt cheek. I don’t know who at Victoria’s Secret was responsible for this but it might’ve been safer to go the opposite direction and make it bigger.

Or just take some time out to hone your skills with 4chan’s Photoshop battles.


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