VICE Have Obtained Voicenotes Of Andrew Tate Saying He Loves Raping Women



Ever since Andrew Tate was arrested just before Christmas on human trafficking and rape charges, a lot of his supporters have claimed that there’s no real evidence against him and that it’s the word of a bunch of skanks – their words not mine – against his.

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VICE have been pretty scathing in their criticism of Tate and have already coincidentally released a documentary about him being accused of rape by two of his cam girls in the United Kingdom back in 2015, although he was never prosecuted. The media company have now shared voicenotes and text messages from another woman who claims to have been raped by Tate in 2013 where it sounds as if he’s admitting to raping her multiple times. Could this be the evidence that Tate supporters need to turn against him?

Take a look at the messages below and read her story underneath that as well:

The rape, she said, happened in November 2013, the first time Amelia went to Tate’s flat, after they had been dating for two or three weeks. She said the pair had previously kissed, but nothing more. “Back then, and he knew this, I’d only been with 2 people,” she said. “He knew what that meant to me … that act was very important to me.”

She said the pair were kissing on Tate’s bed when he began trying to take off her clothes. She had previously told him, she said, that she didn’t want to have sex; he stopped, reassured her that nothing was going to happen, and they continued kissing.

After a while, she said, he suddenly stopped, and laid back on the bed.

“I got up and looked at him and went, ‘What’s wrong?’” she said. “This guy literally laid there and went: ‘I’m just debating whether I should rape you or not.’”

Amelia said she was stunned, unsure if it was some sort of sick joke. She said she put her hand on his chest and said, “Don’t be stupid. What are you talking about?”

“Within an instant, he changed who he was,” she said. “He wasn’t the same Andrew that I knew, that was funny, that would make me laugh … It was like his eyes went, and I didn’t have a clue who that person was.”

Suddenly, she said, Tate grabbed her neck and “started strangling me, forcing my trousers off me.”

“I was trying to keep them on and he started screaming at me, ‘Take the fucking trousers off, bitch.’”

The sudden outburst of violence from Tate, who was at the time a professional kickboxer, made Amelia feel powerless to fight back, she said, and fearful of how far the assault would go.

“I’ve never been strangled before. I don’t know if he’s going to stop. And I was so scared,” she told VICE World News. “It’s like, whenever you think about being in that situation, you think you’re going to fight back… But I’m telling you, you don’t. Because if you fight back, what else is he going to do to you? He’s a six foot three … champion kickboxer, for God’s sake.”

Tate then raped her, Amelia said. As he did, she said, he continued to choke her, saying things like “Who do you belong to?” even as she was unable to physically speak due to his hands constricting her throat.

“He’s like, ‘Fucking say it bitch. You’re not fucking saying my name, say my fucking name otherwise I’ll kill you,’” she said.

After assaulting her, Amelia said, Tate went to sleep with his arm around her, while she lay awake for hours, trying to process what had just happened. When she got home the next day, she recalls, she cried in the bathtub and called a friend, who helped spell out to her that what had happened to her was rape.

VICE World News has spoken to the friend, who confirmed the details of the conversation. We are not naming her to protect her and Amelia’s identities.

Amelia said that for a “very long time,” she was in denial about the alleged rape, feeling that acknowledging it had happened would negatively define her. To this day, she struggles to even use what she refers to as “the R word.”

“It was like, if this ‘R word’ is what happened to me, then that’s what I am,” she said.

She continued to see him for a number of months afterwards, including having consensual sex. This was partly, she said, to buttress her denial response to the alleged assault at the time.

“If I go and see him again, and I want it this time, then I’m not being degraded, then it’s not the R word,’” she said, explaining her thought process. “So that’s what I did. I was like, ‘Right, I’ll see you again… you haven’t taken that control of me. You haven’t hurt me.’”

Fiona Vera-Gray, deputy director of London Metropolitan University’s Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, said Amelia’s actions in the aftermath of the alleged rape were not an uncommon response.

“The social construction of a woman who has been raped is of someone who is weak, who is stupid, who cannot protect herself, and that she is ‘damaged goods.’ No one wants to identify with that,” she said.

“So it makes absolute sense, to me and I’m sure to anybody, why you would do what you can to try and reclaim a sense of agency over that narrative.

“It sounds like that’s what she tried to do, before she got to a point where she was like, ‘Actually, there is no other way to understand this, because I’ve been violated.’”

Amelia said she eventually broke things off with Tate after he invited her to go away together for a weekend for the first time.

“That was … when I woke up and realised if I spent a whole weekend with him, I might end up in hospital,” she said.

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Well, there’s a lot going on there isn’t it and it sounds particularly harrowing for the woman and doesn’t look good for Tate at all. Of course his supporters will  probably say that it’s her word against his again, but the voicenotes and text messages don’t exactly cover him in glory.

I suppose you can argue that they’re part of some kinky sex stuff and taken out of context but coupled with her story I don’t really think you can defend the guy so much anymore, especially with everything else that he stands accused of right now. I’m sure some people out there will continue to do so though.

It’s also important to note that the rape charges were eventually dismissed by the police over here after years of investigation, mainly because the woman continued to see Tate after the alleged incident. Vera Gray and the woman tried to explain that above and it sort of makes sense, but you can see why a jury might struggle with a conviction in those circumstances. We’ll see what happens over in Romania though.

For more of the same, check out this video of Andrew Tate’s best friend explaining what’s really going on in Romania right now. Not sure if we can believe him either, but worth a watch.



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