Watch This ‘Ex-Soldier’ Go Full On Psycho In The Dumbest Road Rage Incident Ever

Combat Veteran Psycho

This is s**t scary.

There’s no denying that it’s very easy to get frustrated and stressed out with other road users when you’re driving, but there’s absolutely no excuse to act like the guy in this video.

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In the footage, a full-on redneck looking guy is going completely and utterly psycho at another driver for driving too slow and apparently trying to ram him off the road. The psycho ends up hitting and screaming at the driver, telling him how he’s a combat veteran and claiming to be a psychopath too. It’s actually pretty goddamn scary.

Here’s the full story from the video uploader:

So Brandon Vega and I thought it was the perfect day to go hiking up off of Old Stage road when this asshole started riding Brandon’s ass up the narrow dirt road. Then when we parked he proceeded to assault him and say it was our fault. Road rage at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen. He only walked away with a bloody nose and fat lip because he refused to fight over something so stupid.

EDIT: He said his name was Chad Huntsinger, if anyone knows him please tag him, thank you.

Turns out this guy, Chad Huntsinger is a disabled vet, but has never seen combat according to his sergeant. Chad Huntsinger also has numerous backgrounds of assault including choking a female in the past years.

Now check him out in action, pretty sure you’ll agree with the analysis that he’s an asshole:

What an absolute tool. The kinda guy that just walks around acting all tough and trying to fight someone because they’ve got pent up anger issues. Hate that dickhead and hope he does enjoy going to jail.

For a much nicer road rage incident, check out what happens when it goes down in Canada. Those guys are just too nice for their own good.


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