138 People Break The Vertical Skydiving Record By All Skydiving At Once

138 People Skydiving Record Attempt

I don’t know what the previous vertical skydiving record was but it certainly looks impressive and really cool when you see 138 people skydiving together in HD set to a banging dubstep soundtrack.

This is a really cool video. Beard actually talked about this way back in August when he told us that skydivers pissed all over the world record, but I didn’t remember until after I had finished writing about it which was a bit of a faux pas. In any case,  the video on that post has gone and I’m pretty sure this one is better anyhow as it only just came out and is official and is actually really good so I figured it was worth writing about and sticking up on Sick Chirpse again. Once a chirpse always a chirpse, or something like that.

I have never really thought about the possibility of how cool it would look when a bunch of people all skydived together but now I’ve seen it I know that it looks dope. I don’t know what the previous record for vertical skydiving was, or what evern vertical skydiving is (I assume it’s when you stand up vertically in the air like these guys are doing in the video, but I don’t really get why that needs a special name as opposed to just regular skydiving? It’s not like they even do it for the whole video!?) but it looks damn cool when 138 people are all doing it in this video like I said. It just looks so weird when you see all these people falling through the air together, like whenever I’ve seen skydiving videos before it’s been like four or five people maximum in the video and they’re usually jumping from the same plane so they’re kinda far away from each other, whereas in this one there are a bunch of planes and a whole bunch of people so it’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

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There’s also a really banging dubstep soundtrack AND it’s filmed in real good HD so it looks and sounds even better than you might imagine. All the skydivers wore HD cameras on their helmets to ensure that whoever made the video got the best footage possible, even if it did make them all look really dorky in this video. In addition to this all the 138 people link together when they’re falling through the air and make a really cool snowflake pattern or something which is pretty awesome, before they all disperse which looks really great as well. The whole video is really cool, even though it only lasts about a minute. Hopefully a longer version will emerge sometime.

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