Venezuelan Protestors Reveal The Disgusting Ways Prison Guards Are Torturing Them


Not a great combination.

The situation in Venezuela is completely screwed at the moment with many protests aimed at President Nicolas Maduro, and it’s unlikely that it’s going to get any better after details of how the police were treating some of the prisoners emerged.

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40 people were recently arrested in Valencia, Carabobo after they were accused of raiding a food factory. 19 of these were sent to jail and it’s being alleged that they were treated absolutely horrifically by the guards in this time.

Firstly, one of them completely rinsed a prisoner when he requested using a phone to call his wife to inform her of his situation, telling him that ‘he wasn’t in Disneyland’. OK, not so bad when it comes to the behaviour of cops, but certainly not the best. It gets a lot worse however.


During their detainment, the prisoners are claiming that the only food they were offered was raw pasta mixed with human poo and they were forced to eat it by the guards. They also apparently flooded the cells with tear gas and gave them electric shocks to make them do this, repeatedly telling them that they were going to die in prison unless they ate the ‘food’. Not cool.

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Of course, Maduro has denied this happened and there’s no real proof of it other than the word of the detainees – who have now been released – but it seems kinda stupid of them to make it up considering that they don’t really need to make stuff up to get people to recognise how much of a mess their country is at the moment. Doubt if anything will really happen to them unless something happens to Maduro, and it seems like anything could happen over there right now. To be honest, as bad as it sounds there are probably bigger problems there that need sorting out rather than this, which tells how bad the situation over there really is at the moment.

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