Vanessa Hudgens Faces Backlash For Saying People Dying Of Coronavirus Is ‘Terrible, But Like, Inevitable’

Oh dear.

There’ve been some intesting takes on coronavirus since the pandemic took hold and today we have a new one from pop star Vanessa Hudgens, who was upset that Coachella has been cancelled this year due to coronavirus. 

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It’s a pretty childish take to be fair, especially from a 31-year-old:

Omg, like, people are going to die, and that’s inevitable so like Coachella really didn’t need to get cancelled, like it’s just a virus guys what’s the big deal? 

At least she says she ‘respects’ the virus, in case anyone accuses her of not doing so. Like she says what’s the point of living if we can’t go to fun parties like Coachella and take loads of pictures for Instagram? Come on guys, people die all the time. That’s life! Let’s all catch coronavirus and then Vanessa Hudgens can go to Coachella! Yay!

Could Vanessa Hudgens become the first ‘cancelled’ celebrity of the coronavirus era? I hope not because all she did was say something dumb, no need to do anything other than make fun of her for it. Still – definitely should have chosen her words more carefully.

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