These Vampire Fish Falling Out Of The Sky In Alaska Are Straight Up Nightmare Fuel

NOPE x infinite.

From CBS news:

Over the last week, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has gotten some strange calls from Fairbanks residents seeing scary looking fish dropping to the ground from above. “The local Value Village store found a live lamprey in their parking lot,” ADF&G reported on its Facebook page. “Another resident called and said he found one on his lawn!” It was surely a scary surprise. Looking more like eels or snakes than regular fish, lampreys don’t have scales or fins and can grow to 15 inches long. Instead of jaws, an adult lamprey has a disk-like mouth filled with small, sharp teeth. Adults clamp their mouths onto other fish, then use their teeth and tongues to rasp through its scales and skin to feed on its blood and fluids. The lamprey releases and drops off after the meal. Some fish die from the attacks, but in many cases they survive, according to the Fish and Game department.

Well, I for one am cancelling my ticket to Alaska. Sounds like a great place to visit and all but pretty sure they left the part about vampire fish falling from the sky out of the brochure. Not exactly the best tourist-bait.

Check out the photos of these monstrosities and tell me I’ve overreacting.

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