V Festival – Man Slides Through Mud Into Girl’s Piss

V Festival Mud Fight

I didn’t go to V Festival, I never have and to be honest, I probably never will. I’m too crotchety and miserable to hang around in a swamp with a rabid crowd of strangers who are 100% smashed, 78% nobcheeses and 67% more annoying than scabies. And also I’m way to busy reading about abandoned ghost towns and sea monsters to have any fun. But these factors alone do not stop me enjoying this following video of a ming mong at a festival. It just reminds me why I avoid them like the black death.

The video “stars” a 100% smashed, 88% numpty, 76% dilweed getting his comeuppance. I hope it’s real, and to my wishfully thinking eyes it does seem bonafide. Basically a twat is showing off by sliding on his gut in the mud… and well… he gets a mouthful of something much yellower and more acidic than mud. Festival gold(en shower).

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7xX8vYwqkc&list=PL8407DFCD91F22078&index=13&feature=plpp_video’]


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