How The Use Of QR Codes Can Boost Contactless Business Transactions?

They’re integral.

As losing one’s source of income can be difficult during these hard times, how can the use of QR codes boost contactless business transactions?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are struggling to find new means to keep their business alive. But as the threat poses more damage to them, a study conducted by Yelp found out that business closures in the U.S. averages up to 800 businesses a day.

Because of that, some business owners are tapping the use of technology to maximize their contactless business transactions. And with different wireless technologies available today, the use of QR codes can help boost contactless business transactions in a smart and budget-wise way.

Why Use QR codes For Your Business?

As some people debate on why QR codes are the best wireless technology that a business can use, there are five notable reasons why the use of them is best for business.

Technology Is Within Reach

Aside from their smart and budget-wise usage, finding the technology in creating a QR code is right within your reach. As most of the QR code generation services are available online, selecting a suitable QR code generator with logo that you can partner with is crucial.

Longer Scanning Distance

QR codes have longer scanning distance than the other wireless technology. As their minimum scanning distance is no shorter than 25 cm or ¼ of a meter, the use of them is great for maximizing social distancing practices within your establishment.

Have Higher Error Correction Rate

If you are looking for a durable wireless technology tool for your business, QR code technology can provide you with a highly durable output. Thanks to its higher error correction rate, your customers can still scan the QR code even if it gets dirty.

Use Fewer Materials

As QR codes can store different types of data, the use of them can help businesses reduce their material usage. As going contactless means lesser paper usage, the use of them is great.

Compatible With Smartphones

As scanning is crucial for contactless business operations, QR codes are can be scanned with the use of smartphones. With most people use smartphones today, scanning the QR code through your smartphone’s camera lens is possible. Because of this, the availability of scanning devices is right in the customer’s pocket.

How QR Codes Can Boost Contactless Business Transactions?

With COVID-19 continually affecting people’s mobility and business operations, the use of QR codes are best for boosting their contactless business transactions. As they are the best wireless technology that businesses can use, here are four QR code uses that other businesses are employing today.

Contactless Menu QR Code

As disposable menus can be expensive and harmful for the environment, businesses that operate in the food industry boosts their contactless business transactions by employing the use of digital menus like menu QR code for your bar or restaurant. As the use of them advocates contactless dining experience, restaurants and bars are able to boost their contactless business operations with it.


Businesses know the threat cash payments can bring to its staff and customers. As paper money hosts millions of different microorganisms within its surface, disease transmission are possible. Because of the health issue paper money can contribute to people, who are handling them, businesses are boosting their contactless transactions with the use of QR codes as a new mode for making purchases.

Contact Tracing

During the time of the pandemic, contact tracing has become an essential means in mitigating the spread of infections within the establishments businessmen own. As they are crucial for safe and successful business operations, businesses are boosting their contact tracing efforts with the use of QR codes. By attaching the contact tracing URL into the QR code, the customers can easily disclose their health conditions into the contact tracing portal with just a scan.

Customer Feedback Forms

For a business to continue to provide quality service to its customers, getting its customers’ feedback via customer feedback forms that are randomly given to the customers is important. But with tight interaction limitation, getting the customers feedback becomes harder for them.

Because of the limitation, businesses are integrating the use of QR codes to store their customer feedback forms and let the customer scan it to give their opinion and suggestions to the business.


During the time where businesses are mostly affected by a global health crisis, contactless technologies like QR codes are helping out to continue their operations. With the boost QR codes are getting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the contactless setup are becoming the future of business operations.

And to make the future come around, the use of a QR code generator online like QRTiger can help businesses cope up with the changing situation with QR code technology.


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