US Kindergartens Are Now Teaching Children How To Prepare For School Shootings Via Nursery Rhymes

Nurdsery Rihymes


It’s pretty much common knowledge that there’s a massive problem within the US regarding psychos storming into schools and shooting the whole place up and it’s also pretty obvious that nobody in a position of power over there actually wants to do anything to put a stop to this, so unfortunately kindergarten teachers are being forced to come up with some rather dubious methods to keep the children in their protection safe.

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This is illustrated by the nursery rhyme that you can see above that is hanging in a kindergarten classroom somewhere in Boston. Recited to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, it calmly articulates to children the procedure that they should take if they’re ever forced into a lockdown situation:

It’s hard to say just how I feel about this. On the one hand it’s obviously a good idea to tell children how to prepare for these eventualities because they do seem to happen with alarming regularity in America, but on the other hand it’s completely and utterly fucked that they happen with such alarming regularity that this even needs to be introduced to kindergarten schools.

Surely if the amount of school shootings that happen in America aren’t enough to get Trump and other politicians to actually do something about it, the fact that five year old kids have to learn nursery rhymes like this in preparation for them should shove it down their throats how ridiculous their gun control laws are? You would think so, but clearly not. Probably have another school shooting tomorrow. I wish I was joking.

For more nursery rhymes, check out a few more with decidedly dark origins. Who knows, maybe this one will be a classic in the future?


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