Uriah Hall Absolutely NAILS The Perfect Spinning Back Kick — Was This Luck Or Pure Skill?

This is one of the most vicious combos we’ve ever seen landed.

Uriah Hall fought a dude named Gerard Mousani in Japan the other night, and took home the accolade of ‘move of the night’ after landing a spinning back kick that will probably feature in countless highlight reels for many years to come.

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Check out how he then follow it up with a killer flying knee to the face— oof:

There’s no way you’re getting up from that, especially when the guy then jumps on you and starts smashing your face into hamburger.

What the Internet seems to be debating is whether the spinning back kick was pure luck or whether Uriah Hall knew exactly what he was doing.

I think anyone who saw Uriah pull off a very similar-looking move on The Ultimate Fighter a couple years ago knows the answer to that one.


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