Some guy emailed us featuring a prank he played on his mate at university and really surprisingly it was actually quite funny.

Some kid called William Wordie (surely that can’t be his real name!?!?) emailed us over the weekend asking us what we thought of a video he made playing a prank on his mate Matt in his hall at his university who never leaves the room of his door locked. I was pretty stoked that somebody even bothered to email us about featuring a video they made so I checked it out, but I didn’t have very high expectations. I mean a university prank video?! It sounded like the thing that the G4 crew might make during their university days and would be full of crap ‘banter’ and ‘classic university moments’ featuring people who don’t really know each other that well telling each other how they’re their best friends and they love each other etc, probably recorded on a phone and with a prank consisting of writing in marker pen all over someone who has passed out, or maybe pissing in someone’s bin or taping all their stuff to the ceiling.

Thankfully, even though I thought it was going to be completely stupid and last about ten seconds and not be funny at all, it actually turned out to be a surprisingly well made and edited video detailing the prank and the story, albeit with the obligatory dubstep track as the theme music. Can’t dubstep just go the way of MKAT and be over already?

But yeah, the prank was pretty good and the video is decent too. The prank isn’t that original but it’s interesting enough to keep you engaged for two minutes or however long the video is. It was awesome as well that they used HIDDEN CAMERAS to capture the dismay of the victim when he returned to his room. Oh man did they get him. I guess you could describe it as a classic bit of banter AND a classic university moment, except that it’s actually pretty funny and cool. Except for the dubstep track. The ending is definitely the best part where you just see how forlorn and dismayed Matt is. Classic university moment or what? Check out the video below and let us know what you think and whether we should give William Wordie a job or not.


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