Pimp Out Your Flat With The Most Unique Furniture Money Can Buy

Completely Sick Furniture Featured

Imagine how cool your friends would think you were if you owned any of this.

When you go around to someone else’s house, even if you don’t know it your subconsciously judging them on everything in there (kind of like an episode of Come Dine With Me in your head) and formulating an opinion about what you think of them.

DVD collections (hopefully better than David Cameron’s DVD collection) and book collections are a good indicator, but so is the furniture. Most furniture tends to be completely generic, but sometimes you might meet a sick guy who has some really original and unique things like the stuff you can see below. I would definitely want to hang out more with the dudes that were cool enough to get some of this stuff into their apartment.

Sick Furniture 1

Sick Furniture 2

Sick Furniture 3

Sick Furniture 4

Sick Furniture 5

Sick Furniture 6

Sick Furniture 7

Sick Furniture 8

Sick Furniture 9

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