Uni Student Busted Renting Campus Room On Airbnb Faces Expulsion

When you try to get ahead on your student loans and your uni shuts you down.

A student at Emerson College over in the States could be expelled after he tried to rent his dorm room on Airbnb.

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According to a petition on, Jack Worth listed his on-campus accommodation room on the site in January. The uni’s administration found his page and flagged it, leading to $150 in fines for the student.

The uni also levied “several charges of misconduct against him” that could result in disciplinary action “as extreme as his dismissal”.

The petition — titled “Free Jack Worth” — says:

He saw an opportunity to help travellers be able to afford to stay in the downtown Boston area, and earn himself some money to help offset the expense of attending the college.

It asks that people sign the petition and support “Jack and his honest, entrepreneurial endeavour.”

A uni spokesman declined to comment other than to re-iterate that the school’s policies “prohibit students from subleasing or renting” their dorm rooms.


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Doesn’t really seem like an expulsion-level offense does it? I mean yeah it’d probably be a bit weird having a bunch of travellers living in your accommodation halls but at the same time, this kid is being punished for trying to help people out and make a bit of money in the process. Just getting involved in a free market economy which might help him pay off those ridiculous tuition fees (I’m guessing they’re as ridiculous in the States as they are in the UK).

But I guess the only thing they want you to do at unis these day is keep your head down and study. A bit pointless if you look at it from this point of view.


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