These Are The Unhealthiest High Street Breakfasts Ranked From Bad To The Absolute Worst


Wetherspoons, you dirty dog.

A new study from a website called called ‘High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can They Be?’ has looked at the various UK chain restaurant breakfasts and has ranked them in terms of how bad for you they are.

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The data looks at salt content, sugar, saturated fat and calories in dishes from food outlets ranging from Wetherspoons to McDonald’s. And some of the statistics are pretty damn worrying. Everything in moderation is all good and that, but if you’re consuming half your caloric intake in one sitting that’s got to put a pretty bad strain on your heart.

So here goes – the top 11 unhealthiest high street breakfasts:

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Wow, looks like Wetherspoons is the main offender here. I would’ve predicted it would be something like Maccy’s or Greggs or something. Still, it might be bad for you, but you can’t argue that their prices aren’t decent.


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