Undercover Student Reveals The Disturbing Reality Of Working In A Chinese iPhone Factory

China iphone factory

Daily torture.

We’ve all heard horror stories about Apple’s factories in China, where the hours are so long and arduous and working conditions are bordering on torture. They’re so bad that many of the iPhone factories are surrounded by suicide nets due to the high number of workers who attempt to jump to their death.

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Sadly, this is something that we disregard or ignore in the west, which is perhaps why NYU student Dejian Zeng decided to go undercover and spend six weeks working at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai, China to reveal the truth of what it’s like. Zeng worked on the iPhone assembly line and shared a dorm room with roommates who he sometimes didn’t see for an entire month as he spent time building parts of the Apple iPhone 6 and 7 last year. Here’s his story:

Pretty humbling stuff right? I don’t know what your take on this video is, but for me it seemed very similar to serving time in prison. The same monotonous tasks for twelve hours per day, cramped living situations, crappy food, finding joy in the slightest break. It’s pretty shocking to think that hundreds of thousands of people have to slave away for their entire lives just so we can have access to the latest iPhone model. Hats off to Deijan for carrying out this project – hopefully he can go on to do something constructive with what he discovered.

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