UNCOVERED: The Story Behind ‘Blank Man Soup’ Will Haunt Your Dreams


Utterly disturbing.

We love looking into dark and disturbing shit here at Sick Chirpse, especially in the context of the Deep Web. It’s just fascinating finding out more about the sick and disturbing side of human nature and I’m sure you’d all agree – that’s why you’re here right?

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One video in particular pops up whenever you Google the Deep Web, and that video is known as ‘Blank Room Soup’. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the sinister footage shows a man with his eyes blacked out, chowing down on some soup. As he’s eating, another man wearing a cartoon blank face walks in and starts patting the eater on the back. As he does this, the guy eating the soup starts sobbing. Another costumed character then enters and they both proceed to comfort him. Pretty fucking creepy right?

The video was first uploaded in 2008, and predictably, it was speculated that it is an art project, a joke, or an experiment. However, in nearly nine years, no one has fessed up, leading the online community to believe that there is a far more sinister truth behind the story of this footage.

A couple of ideas thrown around include that the meat in the soup is actually human remains which the man is being forced to eat. Another reckons that he himself knows he is about to die, and that’s why he is crying. One chick, who runs YouTube channel ReignBot, did a bit of digging to find out more about what’s really going on in the video. And although she didn’t quite get to the bottom of it, she definitely opened up an entirely new fucked up angle on the video:

How about the bit with the stolen costumes? I wish we could find out the definitive truth to who made those videos, although I think it’s safe to conclude that something fucked up went down. I’m going to stick with the theory that this is a pre-snuff movie and the dude is crying because he knows he’s about to get killed. That’s definitely it.

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