UNCOVERED: Sinister Photos Show Doomsday Community Created For The Top 1% Rich Elite

We’re screwed.

I’m sure we’ve all seen enough climate change and epidemic documentaries to know that the world is well overdue an apocalypse. Whether it’s zombies or nuclear war or even disease, the human race is at serious risk of being wiped out within the next century.

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Unfortunately, this matter has been made even harder to ignore as the photos below take a look inside Vivos xPoint – the world’s largest private shelter community on earth. This plot of land made up of 575 concrete and steel bunkers houses up to 5,000 people and can withstand a 500,000-pound blast. It’s pretty much a modern Noah’s Ark:

vivos vivos-featured vivos-1  vivos-featured-main vivos-4

According to Vivos Group:

This is the place you will want to be when the shit hits the fan.

The structures, which are based in South Dakota, were originally made in 1942 as a military fortress to store explosives. However, now it has been updated to create this shelter community. At the moment they have no plumbing or electricity, although buyers will be able to hire a contractor to fix up their doomsday den.


Vivos added that there will be full time staff to provide security and they even intend on fitting a general store. They hope to host tours to the mega rich in March this year and have said that the first tenants could move in as early as next summer. Are they seriously expecting the likes of Bill Gates and Kanye West to move into these things? I mean it’s all very well and good if you would like to protect yourself, but the world isn’t ending just yet.

Having said that, Donald Trump does come into power this month, so maybe getting a bunker is not such a bad idea after all.


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