You Can Now Get Unbreakable Sunglasses

Unbreakable Sunglasses


Whenever it’s the start of the summer, you always want to bust out your shades and look cool as you prance around day drinking in the afternoon in the sun at your favourite bar. It’s great.

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If you’re anything like me though, then you’ll probably break your sunglasses as soon as you’ve bought them because you’re a grade A idiot – I bought a pair on Saturday and broke them yesterday for example. It’s the absolute worst, but our problems might be over thanks to this new invention from Gloryfy and Christoph Egger: unbreakable sunglasses.

These guys are literally unbreakable. You can smash them, drop them, sit on them or even stamp on them and they’ll be cool. Check out the video if you don’t believe us:

I mean that is dope, and pretty useful. Unfortunately, they cost about €150 which isn’t so good – if I don’t break sunglasses then I tend to end up losing them anyway, so this probably isn’t the solution for me. Just keep buying cheap sunglasses and breaking/losing them. So it goes.

For more sunglasses, check out this guy – a girl stole his sunglasses and he text her every week for a year trying to get them back. Dedication.


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