You’ll Never Believe This Unbelievable One In A Million Straw Shot From This Little Girl

Girl Unbeleivable Straw Shot

I bet she’ll never be able to do that again.

I think a straw shot can be defined as when you put a straw inside another straw and then blow it out. Normally, it doesn’t go very far but it is especially funny if you smash it into somebody’s face because they’re probably not suspecting it and then blammo, it’s all up in their grill.

It’s pretty special when you pull that off, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to the straw shot that this girl pulls off in the video below. Pay attention because you might miss it but seriously, you’ll never believe where it ends up.

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Crazy right? I bet you didn’t see that coming. I especially liked the way the guy had to get up and go and show/tell the other girl about it immediately afterwards because he’s literally in a state of shock that it happened. And to be fair so would you be because it’s a completely outrageous shot, almost as much so as some of the sickest trick shots ever, which you can see below:


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